We are actively seeking investors interested in making higher returns on investment in real property.

Through Mortgage One Solutions you can invest in residential, commercial and/or construction projects with returns starting at 9%. You can invest individually or with others in a syndicated arrangement.

We take care of everything!

Investors can review various current projects available or even work with us to develop a framework with respect to the types of deals that you are interested in investing in.

We are here to support you!

Once you have determined the types of deals you are interested in investing in, we:

  • Find you the deal
  • Underwrite the deal, thereby mitigating your risk; and
  • Administer the deal and collect your money should an issue present itself.

Wondering if investing in mortgages is right for you?

Feel free to peruse our site and look at current projects, reach out to us for more information or participate in one of our educational events about mortgage financing.

Current Projects

Meadow Creek – St Thomas Ontario
Mixed Residential Syndication – Coming Soon
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